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So for each phase of the moon there is a suggested mineral in the list below:








New Moon-Moon of renewal





Moon of Peace





Moon of the Future





Moon of Truth


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Blessings for Anchoring the Magnetism of the Holographic Moon Phases


the Mineral Kingdom through Tania Conibear

礦石王國通過Tania Conibear傳遞



Translated by 流星似火

The mineral kingdom would like to offer to assist with calling in the magnetism of the moon phases into the lives of ascending humans from the information which the Native American Ancestors brought through Mila.


The moon's magnetism in dreamtime is one of bearing wisdom into form, it is the pull and push and ultimately balance between Earth and the Moon in divine union and it creates its own time or divine timing.


The minerals feel that part of the wisdom of form is to create cyclic time which cycles form back to its source in the nonphysical when the time of going home is upon form, or going home to the Tao. Form and human form has forgotten largely how to do this and that this is its wisdom. Timelessness for form occurs as the body remembers to cycle and cycle and dance the rhythm of divine timing, and the magic of the moment when all is also timeless or unlimited in its capacity to heal.


Why has human form forgotten to cycle or dance ? It seems to be to do with the inner world and how distorted dreamtime has become that form has lost its way . And perhaps this is to do with fission or combustions of the body which blew the inner world apart too as well as the body and created chaos within or a void of nothingness, when it could have been full of infinite possibility and not limited. What if the body which is to trigger cyclic time within itself and in its divine union with other form, always sits in a rut which never cycles anywhere but perhaps just into deeper distortion ? Is stripped of its wisdom ? It dies in the loss of its truth. The body does not wish to live as it has lost its purpose.

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Empowering love requires intention. It can become the intention of the map carvers and followers alike to empower love within. Those in our association within SSOA have learned to construct new algorithms that empower love. Perhaps one will blend the Language of Light of power and love and truth in one’s field and see how this alters one’s energy flow into a new pattern that causes a loving dream to manifest ahead. Perhaps one will unite freedom, magnitude and hope into a new pattern and cause a return of hope unto one’s dream. Perhaps one will unite peace, unity, dance of life and community tones and co-create an experience of unity in one’s life experiences.


Uniting the language of light thought-form into different and variant strings is a technique that the map carvers experimented with last year and found that it was successful at amplifying their sounds and music in new directions within. One is also unlimited in terms of how many tones one may string together at a time as long as one can hold the energy flow. In order to string tones however one must first master the entire 48 single tones in the mastery to 3000 strands in vibration. Once this has been accomplished, one can begin to learn to string the tones that one has mastered into algorithms.


Algorithms are simply short lines or snippets of inner music that originate in the language that one sings within. The music directs the energy flow of one's overall field. As enough algorithms are strung together, one begins to sing an entire line of music. As enough lines of music are strung together, one begins to sing an entire score of sound as one’s field moves. Most humans today do not play a score of sound as the field spins. At 2 strands at most only sound a chord of three tones. Even at 1024 strands, the chord becomes more complex in an inner sound with more notes represented, but there is still no movement of sound into a song. By 3000 strands, one also is a more elaborate chord of sound emanating as the field rotates; and so the next phase of development beyond this is to individuate the notes and being to sing a song as one’s field spins rather than simply playing a chord.


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Music and thought-form are associated. There is a music related to love. The music of love is soft and sweet and soothes the field and form with gentle pulsations that are non-harmful in nature to experience. Love however is a sound that whispers rather than singing loud and clear within earth’s global field. This is unfortunately unhelpful unto the whole as it is only the sound of love that allows for self healing out of any disease, including the global toxic mess that Terra exists within due to human cause. So the map carver’s goal with the help of the Tao is to amplify the sounds of love in addition to expand upon your music to a fuller louder and rounder song that matches the songs of the Great Central Sun dream. The sounds of love within the Great Central Sun dream are loud and clear; and this too must be matched in order for Terra or any other species including the human species to cross into this new dream.


One manner of amplifying the sounds of love is to add the thought-form and music of power unto the song of love. Now one might find this contradictory as the sounds of power devoid of love are also known as war music. War music causes competition between humans along with between kingdoms along with inner violence leading to disease or outer violence leading to conflict. War music is something that all kingdoms have chosen to complete with; and indeed as the war karma was released as of the fall of 2008, the war music has been diminishing global wide in all dreams and as a result. This will lead to a day of global peace ahead beloved.


For the Dolphins and Whales, they are intending dreams of non-hunting on the part of the human species; and as the music dwindles of this nature it is anticipated that all human cultures will rise to the awareness that hunting of their species is unacceptable; as it is no different than hunting your own family or species. As the war ceases between dolphins whales and humans, it will only be a short time ahead before human warfare also will cease; as human warfare began as fully conscious species began to be hunted long ago and in the era of the Anu. This is coming and earth anticipates world peace by 2014 to 2015 as she can perceive the shift already stepping down into the dreams global wide. (See "Singing New Songs of Truth Peace and Joy" from the Dolphin and Whale kingdom for more information.)


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Blessings for Empowering Love



The Earth Mother “Terra” through Karen Danrich “Mila” December 19, 2008

地球母親Terra通過Karen Danrich “Mila”傳遞 20081219


Translated by 流星似火

Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


This is the second article in a new series of written materials expressly from the Earth Mother consciousness known as Terra and directed at the ascending map carvers and followers alike. Today we would like to speak about the need to unite power and love within one’s energy field and within the languages in which one constructs one’s DNA and body along with life dream from. Uniting power and love has become a pivotal direction of change in relation to the dream for ascension at this time. For over time and in the Tao’s observation, all problems in ascension and false ascension are related to the separation between love and power.


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The moon of forgiveness allows for the lessons you are learning to be forgiven at this time in your ascension. It is the most important spiritual lessons that are brought forward to be released so that a greater state of balance and love may be woven into the dream for your continued life journey ahead. Intend to allow the forgiveness to flow during this moon and it will magnetize a dream of forgiveness through understanding into your life dance.




The moon of release allows for the energy to flow to transmute the patterns in the field that are associated with the karma you are forgiving at this time. Patterns come in particular groupings of beads of cause and effect, machines and layers of thought-form associated. This moon will assist in moving the field to allow the patterns underlying the karma you are forgiving to more readily release. This moon will draw a dream of release into your dance of life.




The moon of attunement allows for the field to be attuned to a new rotation that may be freer and more rapid due to the release of the patterns forgiven in this cycle. As one spins up the field rotation, now a new baseline of frequency and vibration is sustained. This moon will draw a dream of attuning the field to a new and rising vibration into your dance of life.



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The moon of renewal is a night for the recasting of the etheric grid work of the dream time self and etheric body. On this night intend to recast and reweave your field for the continued life journey and ascent ahead. Recasting the grid work is a necessary part of the journey of ascension for as the DNA alters, so does the blueprint for the lay lines and meridians that construct the etheric vessel along with the chakras, subtle bodies and light body. You may therefore recast the etheric vessel and energy flow on the night of the moon of renewal to become in alignment with all new DNA anchored in the month behind. The magnetism in this moon will draw a dream of renewal and regeneration of your energy field and body towards you.




The moon of peace is a night for coming to peace with the body that one has constructed it in the process of ascension. Ascending body's expand and sometimes those who have preferences for being smaller reject themselves. Rejecting the body sends messages of hatred and death to the cellular structure. This is a good night to focus upon accepting each cell as it is and one's body as it is and allowing the love to flow through the cellular structure from the Earth Mother, Nature and the Heart of the Tao. The cellular love will promote self healing and ascension into a healthy crystalline blueprint. The magnetism of this moon will pull a dream of self acceptance unto you.




The moon of the future is a night for attuning to future possible ascending dreams for the body that are the best possible dream to ascend into; and researching those ancestors that held strong body level blueprints and DNA in times past. Intending to ascend into the best possible genetic blueprint is one that Mila and Oa and their organization have recently adapted; and they have requested that the ancestors research good blueprints for each in their school. We also as ancestors offer up researching the best possible DNA for your continued ascension ahead, just intend it so and so it will be; and this is a good night to do so. This magnetism of this moon will draw the best possible ascending body level dream to you.



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Holographic Moon Cycles


Blessings for Remembering the Cycles of the Moon


The Native American Ancestors through Karen Danrich “Mila” May 29, 2008

北美土著祖先通過Karen Danrich “Mila”傳遞,2008529


今日的月相 :  http://www.calculatorcat.com/moon_phases/phasenow.php?tcv=28

Translated By 流星似火

Dear Beloved upon the Red Road of Inner Discovery,


It is the Native American Ancestors that have something to share today. Long ago our ancient ones were well aware of the moon cycles. Moon cycles are not necessarily about what the "Farmer's Almanac" has to say, or even the Hawaiians that followed the moon cycles for planting and fishing along with celebration purposes. Moon cycles are about the time that the moon shines following each day of activity that is not only for rest but also introspection about the spiritual lessons that you may be learning. Mila has called this time of introspection "Dream Time".


Dream time is a time for the body to rest and for the light body or dream time self to assist in your ascension by gathering records necessary unto your spiritual journey in the healing temples that earth has orchestrated for ascending humans. The records researched may include the necessary DNA to repair a particular part of the body that is ailing or requires attention for the ascension ahead; or to research karma in the inheritance for a particular energy dynamic that is troublesome and could lead to disease if not forgiven; or helping to assemble holographic templates related to one's inheritance. Sometimes those who are gifted conscious dreamers experience portions of their dream time consciously while lying awake and focusing upon the patterns that the dream time self is relaying back to physicality. Mila and Oa spend portions of each night consciously dreaming about the patterns that they are personally transcending in their current phase of ascension along with group patterns that are troublesome that require releasing at events ahead. Dream time offers an opportunity to review the life dream and then forgive those patterns at cause of dreams one does not desire to manifest so that a different dream steps into physicality.

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THE HUM OF THE BEES---Blessings for Gathering the Ascending Rainbow Tribe



The Bee Kingdom through Karen Danrich “Mila”November 17, 2003

蜜蜂王國通過Karen Danrich “Mila”傳遞,20031117


Translated by 浮生

Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


The Bee Kingdom is happy to be able to address ascending humans today. The bee kingdom holds information on working in unity together for the common purpose of evolution. Bees work in hives with many varying jobs; each bee has a particular focus from gathering the honey from the fields of flowers nearby; to weaving the honeycomb that supports the hive and produces the space with which to lay our eggs and birth our young; to the queen bee that lays the varying types of eggs that produce the varying forms of bees necessary to the sustenance of the whole.


Bees have held the memory of unity in insect form. There are other species that have held the remembrance of unity in animal form, such as wolf. Wolf much like bees works together in packs to assure the survival and evolution of the whole. Unity is a long lost paradigm upon earth; over time and through the continued fracturing of thought-form and language, the language spoken became disunity based; as language was no longer held in unity, a disunity-based creation in terms of biological cellular structure was the result along with disunity-based relations.

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What does the music of the Language of Light equate unto? The thought-form behind this language allows for the experience of ascension and empowerment towards full consciousness. There is no destructive thought-form in the sound of the Language of Light and so death music or war music or imprisonment music is simply not possible to create as a result.


Where does war death and imprisonment music come from? Mostly such sounds come from foreign transcriptions of music held in Pleiadian, Arcturian, Orion or some other DNA. Music from foreign creations will never sound sweet here upon earth as they were devised for a different sounding creation. The sounds therefore are sour in comparison with music constructed from purely Sirian DNA resonant with earth and our Great Central Sun. Ultimately to release therefore all sour music from the field that causes sour dreams, one will have to transmute all foreign DNA into Sirian DNA that creates harmonious music from within that is language of light based.


The focus of purification of DNA is not new to the ascending map carvers of your species or ours. However now there is a new technical attribute of foreign DNA that can be examined and understood in relation to the dreams your species and ours catch and the music at cause of the experience. Now in addition to intending to alter the DNA, one can also intend to alter the score of the music that one plays to allow the dreams one is intending to more greatly catch in the dance of life. Scores of music are related to life scripts.


The life scripts are altering due to the new ascension based astrological archetypes that are anchored through all of nature. As the music changes, one can more readily live an ascending life script and dream; and ascending life scripts are about unity, collaboration, living in harmony with one’s own species and all other species, and contributing to the ascension of the whole in world service. As the internal music alters, the new ascending life scripts can more greatly catch in the dance of life, and this leads to greater unity and joy amongst those who are consciously choosing to ascend at this time.

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---Blessings for Learning New Inner Music


The Dolphins and Whales through Karen Danrich "Mila" September 9, 2008

海豚鯨魚通過Danrich "Mila"傳遞,200899


Translated by 流星似火

Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


It is the Dolphin and Whale Kingdom that address you again today. Today the map cavers of our species have much to share that is exciting to us and hopefully will be unto you too. Today we are moving into new sounds of inner music that is fuller, more joyful and more beautiful to sing; and this then catches a gentler dream in our life experience. What is harsh about our dream given that we live within the ocean? Not unlike Mila and Oa and their experience of ascension, there are many nonphysical forces that like to mutilate our fields and prevent our ascension and Terra’s (earth’s) global ascension. These forces are being pressed out of our field and out of Terra’s global field due to an increasingly full and louder pitch of music that we are singing within our fields.


Every field plays a sound as the molecular structure rotates or vibrates and as the chakras and subtle bodies along with light body spins. The music that the field creates is another attribute that ascending map carvers are becoming more aware of and focused upon. This is due to the guidance of the Tao which is a part of ourselves outside of this creation that is guiding us “home” from within. Mila calls this part of self “Tao” to give a name unto its presence; however in our language “Tao” translates into “Infinite Wisdom”. So it is the part of ourselves within of infinite wisdom that is guiding us in new directions that shall allow for the birth of a new era ahead and our “homecoming” into the Great Central Sun as a species; and ultimately also the return journey to where we were spawned as consciousness.


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The current confines of human economics is very fragile; it is so out of proportion in relation to balanced giving and receiving that the system must crash in order to bring about a restoration of balance. The out or proportion dance comes from vast wealth accrued through real estate and commodities or stocks and bonds along with interest. None of the profit of such a nature had an energetic return to those who lost in counter balance to each who gained. One cannot gain so greatly without creating another who loses as greatly in the dance of life. The growth of greater wealth the past quarter century has led to also the growth of greater poverty. The numbers of homeless upon the streets of the US is an example of what occurs when there is greater wealth; there are those who fall out of the system altogether and cannot succeed enough even to create a roof over their head.


In Los Angeles alone there are over 1 million homeless. In an article Mila recently read upon the BBC news, hospitals have taken to throwing their aged and dying that have no insurance or assets to pay their bills onto skid row; sometimes only to arrive with epidemic needles still in their arms and in their hospital gown on to the streets. Extreme greed also creates great callousness towards your fellow humans in present time; and the hospitals refuse to cover people until their death if they cannot afford. On the other hand there are those who have millions or even billions in the banks from their profit and gain; and they have not enough heart to share to create an equitable system in which everyone is supported and sustained. This is the result of the extremes created within the pyramidal dream system.


The laws in Europe, Canada and Australia are a little better and there are fewer homeless unless they choose such a dance, however even this system may collapse ahead as well. Already Mila and Oa discovered that in Austria and since going on the Euro dollar, there are over 1 million now in poverty that cannot make enough to feed their families in this small country. What is the cause? All businesses raised the cost of living by determining that if the product or service cost $1 shilling it would now cost $1 Euro, although the shilling was only valued at 33 cents to each Euro. The cost of living went up 70%, and those on the edge now do not make enough to subsist as all employers only recalculated the earnings to be 33 cents per Euro of income. The net result is that everyone is strapped further in the cost of living, and those businesses thriving off the 70% increase now profit more greatly redistributing the wealth and creating a greater upper class and lower class in counterbalance in those countries sharing the Euro currency.


What is causing Europe to move into the path of greed that heretofore had been the underlying thought-form of the United States? Europe is uniting as a group in the Economic Union and in a dollar known as the Euro. The EU is becoming a United States of Europe and the end result is that the dream of greed is moving from the US into the EU as a result. The United States will now move upon a path of redistribution of wealth that may cause a greater middle class and fewer wealthy and impoverished over time. This is polarity reversals in actions beloved and is also how pyramidal dreams move from one continent to the next in the cyclic changes over time.

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There are also scientists who have developed magnetic energy but are not even given credit for what has been created. Why is this so? Within an electrical pyramidal dream how can you acknowledge magnetism as a power source? You cannot as the dominant force is electricity within an electrical dream; and so hence the response of the other scientific community that magnetic energy is not possible even when presented with a working device. As the magnetic figure 8 dream becomes the dominant dream, then magnetic energy will be more readily validated and then developed.


It is necessary for humanity to move into magnetism as an energy source as the reality is that both electricity and combustion will cease the further Terra enters the dream of the Great Central Sun as they do not resonate. The development of magnetic energy will be the only power source available at some future point; and humans would have to resort to transport by foot or horse again if they choose not to move in this direction. We see most ascending initiates really like their creature comforts and so it is most likely that a magnetic form of chi to power technology will be developed ahead and as the magnetic dream dominates enough to do so. The magnetic dream will be less ridged and more fluid allowing for many other changes within human civilization ahead as a result.


The magnetic figure 8 dream has always been upon earth and remains in some regions that are more rural in nature. The ascending map carvers have moved into a figure 8 dream some time ago as it is a gentler dream to ascend within, and have aided Terra in reuniting this dream as a global force for humans to return to ahead. As more humans ascend and millions of ascending children enter the world, the figure 8 dream will become the dominant dream. The figure 8 dream has also been dominant in other time periods in which humans lived in greater unity and peace with one another.




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Blessings of Balance from the Heart of the Tao


The Heart of the Tao through Karen Danrich "Mila" March 17, 2008

道之心透過Karen Danrich "Mila" 2008317


Translated by 流星似火

Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


The Heart of the Tao would like to share with you a different perspective of the current economic crisis that is causing severe losses to the banks and banking system along with the real estate market at this time. The cause of the crisis is really founded upon the polarity reversals and energetic changes that are the result of Terra’s (earth’s) global ascension. For the past six years, Terra has entered gateway after gateway of energy flow known as “Star Gates” towards the Great Central Sun dream. Each star gate has offered up new energetic movements; some of which have been embraced leading to further global ascension. Some of the movements that are supportive have become a new language upon Terra known as the “Language of ONE” and have been captured as crop circles around the globe. (See “Language of ONE” section for more information.)


For the past 2000 human years you have been in a Anu based cycle. The Anu based cycle is the result of a group of Pleiadians that came to earth and strip mined her of gold to extend life back home. Life in the Pleiades was dying due to a missing vibration related to the golden octave. As the golden octave was moved from earth, life in the Pleiades was restored and Terra began to move towards extinction. Fall after fall in vibration and energy flow occurred in the era of the Anu due to the loss of Terra’s gold; and the loss created the space for a Pleiadian energetic geometry to be increasingly set in motion in earth’s field. This pattern is pyramidal in nature and many metaphysical aspirants are familiar with what is known as the “Merkaba”. The formation of electrical pyramidal flow is really a foreign geometry set up by a particularly small group of humans that required this flow to extend their lives.


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有趣的是,在新奧爾良,作為卡特裡娜颶風的後果,出現了各種土壤修復的項目。由于颶風的洪水泛濫,有如此多毒素從家家戶戶釋放到週邊環境中,所以有一個“Common Ground Collective”的社團出現來利用種樹和土壤技術以協助淨化生活環境。這是一個良好的蹟象,說明人類正在開始以“綠色”思考問題並以新的方式照顧大地,這是與大自然共事而不是試圖將其控制。




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From the Flowering Plants and Trees and Bee Kingdom :

Blessings for a Return to Conscious Farming



The Flowering Plant Tree and Bee Species through Karen Danrich "Mila" March 31, 2007

有花植物和蜜蜂物種透Karen Danrich "Mila"傳遞, 2007331



Translated by 流星似火




















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This need not be so for those whom are ascending. Those whom are ascending are rectifying such problems in the human dance in the choice to ascend. In the choice to ascend, one ceases to take more than they give. How is this so? As a human form is modified to hold a higher vibration, one gives chi to Earth in a co-creative dance or exchange with nature. As such, an ascending human ceases to take more than they give and contributes their part to the overall ascension of Earth.


An ascending human gradually re-learns to work in collaboration with nature. As each human opens to hearing the messages of nature, they will be attuned to when the natural disasters are to occur, and shall vacate such regions long before such a thing occurs in the physical. This requires opening the heart chakra in the act of ascension, for hearing nature requires the ability to love.


Communion, or the dance of soul and form in an interconnection to all of Earth and God Goddess All that Is, is accomplished through an open heart. As the heart opens, one can begin to hear nature, along with one's owns soul and then may follow such guidance from within. An open heart feels deeply. An open heart may weep and weep and weep as one reviews the karma surrounding one's ancestry. Allow the weeping, allow the feeling, for as one cleanses the pain, there is room for the joy, beloved.


As one opens the heart, one comes into contact with their soul. The soul is held in a cavity behind the ether heart inside of the heart chakra. Most souls have never had contact with anything outside of the cavity once having entered the form shortly before or after birth! Do you know how separated off and lost such souls feel having been contained inside of a vessel in which no one can hear or communicate with them? As the first contact is made, great joy along with great pain may be felt. However, as first contact is made with one's soul, the beginning of the end of all feelings of loneliness, isolation and separation also comes forth.


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Discovering the God Goddess Within



The Buffalo Species and the Earth Mother through Karen Danrich "Mila" February 2, 2001

野牛物種和地球母親通過Karen Danrich "Mila"傳遞 日期 200122


Translated by Ma prem Unmada

We, the Buffalo Species, wish to address a pertinent issue in the human dance, which is the ongoing and underlying desire to find GOD or GODDESS as a deity to be worshipped outside of oneself. It is our wish, and in our agreements with the Red Seeded Race of which all of humanity is related, to assist humanity in awakening. In so doing, we wish to explore this thought-form of an external God or Goddess and it's origin in greater detail. We shall explore such thought-form in the hopes that more humans shall transcend the need to find God Goddess outside of themselves and rather come to understand that they are and have always been God Goddess within.


Long ago, a race of humans was seeded upon Earth. This race came from the Sirius star system, and came with agreements to support Earth in holding her ever increasing frequency in preparation for attaining a state of a star many thousands of years into the future. All humans are related to this red seeded race of humans that originated from Sirius. Such humans had ongoing telepathic connection to all other humans upon Earth along with all kingdoms. Such humans understood the intricate dance of global energy that they were a part of, and did their part to support Earth as a whole. Such humans knew that they were a conscious species.


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This meditation is offered by the Earth Mother in collaboration with the Tao to anchor a light earth dream into one’s field and region of origin. One will be connecting to those regions within a 200-400 mile radius that host a light earth dream and expanding this dream to one’s home, office, neighborhood and the open space surrounding oneself.This time has come to move out of the dark dream of destruction and into the light dream of peace, honor and love. In the light dream will be angels and other nonphysical forces that will support one’s choice to ascend. This is the purpose of this meditation.


The light earth dream appears much as a structure symbol and involves a new system of flow that is related to pod based energy. In the pod, all are welcome, all are a part of the whole, all are honored, no one is excluded, no one is less than, all are equal and all are loved. This is the new dream for the human species to be anchored this year and into the years ahead of continued global evolution.



1.Put on some quiet music; dim the lights. Light some candles or incense. Blow a little lit sage into each of the four corners of the room with the intent to open sacred space. Intend that your ancestors, the nature kingdoms that guide you as well as the earth mother consciousness to be present for this meditation.



2.Take a seat in a comfortable chair with feet flat on the floor and uncrossed. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly.



3.Now intend that Terra’s angels surround you along with your ancestors and nature guides. We are going to begin to grounding deeply unto the aurora of earth, creating a large tree trunk with roots deep into earth’s core. Imagine the roots stretching out for hundreds of miles around oneself and connecting to those regions and open space that foster a light earth dream.



4.Imaging the top of your field becoming like a large tree that extends its branches up past the moon and unto the solar sun. Now through one’s branches one is going to bring in a host of new souls and angels to support one’s field and ascension. The souls are a gift of Terra and the light earth dream.



5.Take a deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Now you are going to allow the angels to begin to rotate your field in a way that is most conducive to your own peace as well as continued evolution. The angels may anchor new tones of creation or vibrations in your field to attune you unto the light earth dream. Embrace these vibrations.



6.Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Embrace the vibrations of the light earth dream. Allow these vibrations to penetrate throughout one’s field including the meridians of the etheric body. Notice the new vibrations moving slowly under one’s feet, up through the legs, hips and pelvis, solar plexus and diaphragm, breasts and chest, hands arms and shoulders, neck and head. Allow all parts of the etheric body to be bathed in the vibrations of the light earth dream.



7.Take another deep breath inhaling slowly and exhaling slowly. Allow the vibrations of the light earth dream to begin to nurture the etheric body. If there is grid work or meridians that are twisted or shut down or smaller than they should be to sustain life, allow these regions to untwist and the meridians to open again so that chi may move throughout the etheric body.

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