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Real mastery of instant manifestation or teleportation is actually much easier to fulfill upon in ascension than levitation and transfiguration.  Mila and Oa could instantly manifest or teleport now if they put their attention to it and had enough chi; the problem with such capabilities is the low availability of chi from the manifestation planes of nature; nature needs the chi that they have in order to ascend.  Taking chi away from nature in order to demonstrate magic or instantly manifest or even teleport would not be acting out of world service; alas if Mila and Oa did not act out of world service they would lose their status as ascended masters and their power would be taken away; and so Mila and Oa use such skills sparingly and only with the permission of earth and nature.




The ability to teleport developed early in Mila’s experience of ascension.  One time on a car trip to the Wine Country of California, Mila blinked and suddenly she was transported to another highway 30 miles away heading in the wrong direction.  She pulled over and asked her then guidance what had happened.  Her guidance explained that they had moved her in space and time to avoid an accident.  Indeed as she finally did approach the freeway that she had been on, there was a five-car pileup involving a big rig that she had missed being a part of. 


瞬間移動(穿梭)的能力在Mila提升的早期就發展。有一次,在開車到加州葡萄酒鄉(the Wine Country of California)的旅途上,Mila一眨眼突然被轉移到30英里外的另一條高速公路上,而且方向相反。她把車開到路邊詢問她那時的引導者發生了什麼。她的引導者解釋到,他們將她轉移時空是為了避免一次事故。事實上,當她最終來到她所曾在的高速公路上時,她看到有5輛車被撞成一堆,包括一輛她當時並未察覺的大型工程車。


More recently, a forwarded batch of mail with many checks that Mila and Oa required for the payment of their rent was lost.  Mila used the act of teleportation to receive her package.  The package ended up not in the mailbox but between the screen door and front door of their apartment.  As Oa opened the door the next day after Mila received permission to use teleportation to retrieve her package, there surprisingly was their mail.  Teleportation involves folding time and space thereby moving an object or oneself from one place unto another. 




However the act of teleportation takes much chi from earth and the nature kingdoms along with potentially causing a ripple or wedge in time and space of earth’s grid work.  At this time, earth is still repairing herself from all the misuse of such human knowledge at earlier times in your history; there are many problems in earth’s grid work as a result.  As all is repaired and all contribute their chi to the process of ascension, there will be enough chi for such experiences; until such time Mila and Oa only use such skills as they are given permission and as it does not compromise the ascent of earth or all species therein.




The ancient ones are pleased with the honor Mila and Oa have for earth and her kingdoms.  This is something perhaps we did not have at the time of our own incarnations; we looked at earth and nature upon Sirius as beneath human form; less than and obviously worth less.  How can one consider other kingdoms less than without ultimately being less than oneself?  This too contributed unto our demise at the end of our incarnations.  However we are here to attest that it is never too late to come to understand what one failed to understand at the time that one was alive; and we are learning through each of you that are choosing to ascend and are our present day ancestors in human form.







Instant manifestation requires holding a vision of a natural object that one desires to see in physical form, and then through the application of a load of chi, the desired object is pulled instantly down the seven manifestation planes into physicality; it is the angels who weave the genetic information that then creates the desired form in physicality.  Such manifestation can include anything made from natural fibers that host a carbon based genetic blueprint. 




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In a state of non-truth, there can be magicians.  There have been many over the course of human history that has demonstrated the principals of instant manifestation, teleportation, transfiguration, creating vebuti (sacred ash that is not so sacred), or other magical skills.  Such skills were not earned through spiritual mastery but are created through spiritual manipulation.  There are fractured pieces of soul that were a part of our incarnation that recall how to transcend physical law.  When such pieces of soul enter the human form, they perform the tricks that they remember and the form channels the trick, and appears to instantly manifest, teleport, transfigure and the like.  However nothing has changed within the associated human form; they have not released their karma or altered their DNA or ascended in any manner; nor have they mastered anything; they are simply good channels of nonphysical forces that recall how to transcend physical law.




We are sad to see that our own souls fell into such manipulative practices and participated with dark forces upon the physical plane in manifesting such magic through certain humans.  For all this creates is the appearance of a human that is god like and fosters the belief that god lies outside of oneself.  Just because a human can perform a magic trick, this does not make him or her god; as god goddess lies within each and every living thing in the omniverse.  Such practices only causes the multitudes to give their power to humanoid false gods; which is no different than how one’s ancestry gave their power to the nonphysical false gods; and all that occurs in physicality also occurs first in the nonphysical. 




We ourselves fell into the belief that the false gods had more power, as they had stripped our information surrounding the transcendence of physical plane law; then out of such a stripping, we gave them even more power to misdirect our lives as we believed that they knew more than ourselves.  In the misdirection, most of the 48 of us that relocated unto earth died before we ever ascended.  The few that ascended were unable to clear the karma for our fall in consciousness, and the result was the continued fall of consciousness in human form upon earth until present time.  Our own souls have served the false gods in their own fracturing and lost knowledge; this too is sad unto us, however it is their karma and not our own to settle. 




And so it goes; each who has caused or participated in the inversion of law will be held accountable for it, and in so doing, will experience their cause.  So this is also so for the renegade souls in the Tao; one cannot cause anything, including the great pain of stripping a creation to extinction without experiencing like in return; and in so doing and in the suffering of one’s own cause, then one learns not to cause such again.




We are also the result of the mismanagement of spiritual knowledge upon Sirius and on the part of the Sirian Spiritual Elite.  We are each an ancestor of the Sirian Spiritual Elite that went on to personally experience the very destruction that they were causing elsewhere in their split in light and dark.  Furthermore in our own experience of destruction we anchored earth to be another place that Sirius could displace its disowned destructive thought-form.  Each fall of earth has allowed more displaced karma, fractured souls and fractured dream from Sirius to be pressed into her grid work out of the belief that something must be destroyed in order for something else to live and ascend.  We take responsibility for our cause and choose to change it now through the act of ascension of all in human form who are related unto us as our present day ancestors.







Real transcendence involves the gathering of all records and karma bound by emotional charge of each incident of trauma experienced in one’s ancestry.  Such records are held upon the land and within the genetics of one’s form.  As one releases the trauma, one transmutes each layer of pain, anger or fear, terror, torture or suffering, lust, jealousy or hate with transmutative tones of creation.  This causes the trauma to be released and erased through forgiveness.  In the forgiveness, the trauma is not transferred elsewhere only to act out in another humanoid creation; it is instead fully transmuted.  For this is what Sirius humans did en mass to humans upon earth; they transferred all their karma and trauma for many wars that they had experienced in the 3rd dimension in their own existence, which only caused the same patterning to emerge in humans upon earth.




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We can say in our own mastery that it was impure; that we not unlike the very elite that we studied with whom had not transcended the belief in death; we had simply instead deferred such beliefs elsewhere making the fabric of death based consciousness seemingly disappear.  In the disappeared state, the belief system of death was fractured off and given to another place, probably also dying much as earth.  To those upon Sirius, because the belief had disappeared, one assumed that it had been transcended and somehow mastered; alas this was not so.




What is the difference between disappearing a thought-form and real mastery?  Ah, here we get to the crux of our own spiritual lessons at this time of awakening upon earth.  We have waited a long time to understand; and we are not disappointed.  We are most grateful for the fortune of the presence of the Tao that allows now what we failed to understand in our own evolution to be understood.  When we arrived upon earth, the disowned thought-form of death came with us.  Soon we were destroyed by our own thought-form that we had assumed somehow we had transcended, but instead we had schismed over as Mila has coined.  In other terms, the thought-form of death had not been fully released from our cellular structure, and in coming to a new creation such as earth where there were no global agreements to splinter off destructive thought-form sending it elsewhere, we now experienced our own destructive thought-form returned, and destroyed ourselves ending our lives in death instead of ascension.




Real mastery or pure mastery has to do with taking each layer of thought-form that is in extreme polarity, such as the thought-form of death in all of it’s myriads of expressions, and transmuting it one layer at a time with the application of transmutative tones of creation.  Such tones have come from the Great Central Sun via the Tao to allow for real transcendence upon earth and within your creation.  As each layer is transmuted, one comes to understand how the thought-form was degraded within one’s ancestry through particular emotionally charged karmic experiences.  As the karma is released and erased down to a biological level, each layer of thought-form is transmuted in full, and a new thought-form of eternal life can be embodied in its place.




Such transmutative tones were not available upon Sirius at the time we were incarnate, nor upon earth at the time we relocated here.  Therefore we must forgive our Sirian mothers and fathers including the high priests and priestesses, for they had no other way of retaining life let alone ascending without separating light and dark, as the very tones of creation necessary for the real transmutation of the dark were missing.  We are happy to say that such tones are available now upon earth through the Language of Light and Language of One, and that those like Mila and Oa that are legitimately ascending, including the nature kingdoms and earth; each is applying such tones to their own density and mastering in a manner that we had not at the time that we were alive. And this brings us great joy, as it translates into the fulfillment of our original vision in coming to earth; that we would foster the ascent of the whole.







So where did the tones for transmutation go to and why are they unavailable?  Ah this brings us to an ever larger problem as analyzed by the Tao now as a result of the records pouring forth due to planetary, solar and creational ascension now underway in your sector of creation.  It appears that all within the Great Central Sun were never allotted transmutation tones of creation in the very casting that they received in the original expansion cycles of the Tao.  Why were such tones missing?  Well this has to do with a group of renegade souls in the Tao that had a plan, and the plan was for a means to a rapid ascent into greater mastery than they could gain through creational experience.  More or less these souls wished to cheat in their own evolution.




These souls gathered certain blueprints that were unused in the last creational cycle of the Tao, which included the blueprint for consensus realities such as earth, the nature kingdoms and the human blueprint.  These souls set such blueprints in motion in 18 quadrants in a small corner of the Tao that they thought no one was looking. However they set these creations or Great Central Suns in motion with the intent to extract the knowledge held innately in the blueprint of form; and in extracting such knowledge they then could rapidly rise through the initiation process of the Tao to manage greater and greater responsibility and have greater and greater power therein.




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TRANSCENDING PHYSICAL LAW--- Mastering Teleportation, Instant Manifestation, Levitation and Transfiguration


The Ancient Grand Masters through Karen Danrich "Mila" February 23, 2004

遠古大師透過Karen Danrich "Mila"傳遞,2004223


Translated by 流星似火

Dear Beloved Ascending Human,


We, the Ancient Ones wish to explain the phenomenon that results as one transcends physical plane law.  Such phenomenon is something that we understood and had mastered in our lifetime upon Sirius and before relocating unto Earth.  Such mastery was lost over time upon earth due to reasons that we are now only beginning to understand; we are coming to understand our own lost history due to the records revealed from our lifetimes through present time human and global ascension.  However let us suffice to say that all that was lost will be restored; and the original purpose that we came to earth, which was to support global ascension home to the Great Central Sun, will be fulfilled upon.




We were a group of 48 initiates of both male and female gender that were born and educated and later seeded upon earth by Sirian spiritual elite.  The purposes that we were born for was not hidden from us; we knew our entire lives that we would be relocating unto another planet to oversee another race of humans seeded at an earlier juncture upon earth.  Furthermore we spent decades of time undergoing spiritual education by the Sirian spiritual elite themselves, and it was during such training that we each mastered physical law.


我們是一群48個提升者,既有男性也有女性,由天狼星的靈性精英層(Sirian spiritual elite)生下、教育並後來播種到地球上。我們生來的目的並沒有向我們隱瞞,我們知道我們整個的生命就是將搬遷到另一個行星,去監控在更早期時刻被播種在地球的另一族類人群。此外,我們花費了數十年時間,不斷接受由天狼星靈性精英層親自傳授的靈性課程。就是在這種訓練中,我們掌握了物理法則。


What does mastery of physical law mean?  In human history upon Sirius, mastery of spiritual law equated to no longer being subject to the law of gravity, form, or physical limitation; this lead to the mastery of levitation (the capability to float or fly), teleportation (the ability to move from one place to another with a thought), transfiguration (the ability to alter the molecular and cellular structure into another form such as an animal and then back into our human form again) and instant manifestation (the ability to think of a physical object and then manifest such an object instantly). 


掌握物理法則意味著什麼呢?在天狼星的人類歷史中,掌握靈性法則等同于不再受制於重力法則、形體或物理限制;這帶來升空(levitation,升空或飛翔的能力)、瞬間移動(teleportation,一念之間從一個地方移動到另一個地方的能力)、變身(transfiguration,將分子及細胞結構改變成另一個形體如動物,然後又變回人類形體的能力)及即刻顯化(instant manifestation,想像某個自然物體,然後即刻顯化這一物體的能力)的掌握。


Such laws are held in place by agreement; as long as one agrees to the laws of gravity, physical form, and physical limitation, then one is subject to existing within a consensus in a parallel manner to how most all humans exist upon earth in present time.  For in present time, one requires a train, plane or automobile to get from one place to another; or at another time one would walk, run, swim or ride the back of an animal such as a horse or elephant.  Objects do not grow on trees or appear suddenly as one thinks of them; one must either create the object oneself, solicit another to do so, or purchase that which one desires in present time from a market or mall.  One also cannot take the shape of anything else in creation other than the shape one was born with and matured into; one cannot become a dog, cat, dingo or dinosaur in appearance at will. 




As a matter of fact, humans are so limited now in present time that they cannot even regenerate themselves to their more youthful young adult appearance.  Humans have fallen into a grave level of limitation of thought-form the likes of which is most sad to us; and such limitation does not at all give credence to the magnificence of the human species in its original casting from the Tao.  So what is mastering physical law really all about?  This is what we dedicate this information unto; a better understanding of what the path of ascension makes possible as a spiritual choice. 





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The further earth moves up in vibration, the hotter Tara will become.  Already Mila and Oa who are living on the Big Island of Hawaii where there is an active volcano, notice how hot it is.  The heat rises from the land and vibrates down from the sun due to the tropical location of Hawaii so near the equator.  This heat is an energetic phenomenon, as it is indeed the earth mother’s kundahlini.  Her kundahlini is rising, just as human kundahlini rises in order to ascend.  Human ascension also causes an overall leap upwards in body temperature as the fire again begins to flow in the kundahlini channels.  Mila and Oa feel earth’s kundahlini wrapping around their fields in living upon the land of the Big Island.  And indeed it is hot and sweaty to say the very least.


未來地球的振動還會上升,Terra將變得更熱。MilaOa居住在有活火山的夏威夷大陸,已經觀察到了Terra的熱是什麼。由於夏威夷所處的熱帶位置鄰近赤道,熱量從陸地上升及從太陽下來。這些熱量是一種高能,因為它其實是地球母親的昆達裡尼。她的昆達裡尼正在上升,就象為了提升,人類的昆達裡尼也需要上升一樣。人類提升也會導致體溫的普遍升高,因為火元素再次開始在昆達裡尼通道中運轉。在MilaOa居住的大島(Big Island)上,他們感到地球的昆達裡尼環繞著他們的場。而這確實很熱,讓他們多汗。


In a recent swim in the ocean, Mila and Oa noticed etheric fire leaping upwards of six feet off of the surface of the water.  Indeed the elements of fire and water have healed their competitive nature, and now fire burns in the etheric inside of water, and water is also aglow inside of fire.  One day in the coming 1000-year cycle, water will become an ocean of flames in the physical as earth moves to the next dimension of awareness.  The beginning of this newfound state of being is already emerging beloved.




For those who are ascending, living upon land in which the fire burns in the etheric continuously augments ascension as one may burn off more karma in a given day than anywhere else.  This is the reason Mila and Oa live upon the Big Island, and will host their events there in the coming few years.  The Big Island allows for the maximum release of karma; and this serves given the purpose of Conclave, which is to release all human karma for disease, aging and decay in the calendar year of 2002.  Those joining them will have the added benefit of releasing one’s personal karma for disease more greatly assuring one will ascend into the regenerative biology.  (See “Ascending into Regenerative Biology” for more information.)




For those who are not ascending, the fire burning upon the land of a place such as the Big Island will shorten the lifespan exponentially.  Why?  One’s karma will be completed upon more rapidly.  Therefore as one completes all karma in full, and if one is not ascending, then death is the next step in one’s path.  Death is not wrong; it is a valid path, and many humans have little choice as the ancestry and biology have not the holographic remembrance necessary to ascend.  The further that earth’s fire burns in the etheric upon all land global wide, the more rapid the cleansing will become for those with non-ascending ancestry.  These times lie ahead and in the coming 25-year cycle for all humans global wide.  Although it may be an unsettling time, and confusing for many, the era thereafter will birth the golden times upon earth in which peace, unity, sovereignty and non-conditional love become the foundation from which all species relate.




For those who are ascending and are the mapmakers, wolf invites you to become your own teacher within.  In tuning inward and opening to one’s own holographic knowledge, one need not follow another.  One will know all that one requires knowing in order to follow one’s path to completion.  In so doing, one will orchestrate one’s own journey, and allow oneself to participate in the greater orchestration of earth’s journey of ascension.  This is the blessing of True Law, True Function, True Symphony, True Orchestration, and True Timing.  These are the blessings that Wolf wishes to share with those reading this material today.




True Law states that the only law that exists is one of unity.  In order to attain a state of unity, one must balance the scales.  Balancing the scales involves burning off all karma that one’s ancestry has acquired over time.  However there is a hitch in this dance, and this is known as karmic manipulation.  It has been the unconscious predisposition of many humans and the fractured and lost souls directing the human dance to defer karma; deferment of karma involves displacing unwanted karma onto another who unconsciously agrees to receive it.  True Law outlaws all such karmic manipulations, as one can never burn off karma for another.  One has enough karma that one has acquired in the many falls in consciousness upon earth.  Therefore each has ones’ own karma, and no one is debt free; and one must only settle that which is one’s “true debt”.  Calling upon True Law as a boundary will bring an end to karmic manipulations and rectify all such manipulations in one’s ancestry.




True Function has to do with all parts of the field doing what they have agreed to.  There are dragon souls that are the creators and orchestrate ascension, bringing in the blueprint necessary to attain the intended goal, and directing the angels in modulating the blueprint down into form.  There are also angels that are large to small in size that transcribe the DNA down into the form allowing a new blueprint for regeneration to be brought forward in the act of biological ascension.  There are also serpents of positive and negative vibration that weave the lay lines and space between that construct the etheric body, chakra system, subtle bodies, light body and auric field.  Each must do their part; creators orchestrating, angels transcribing and serpents holding the energy field together.  True Function calls all to their anticipated role, much like a conductor calls the right musicians in to play the right instruments in an orchestra.




For a long time, there was a mix-up in roles in your creation.  Serpents and angels tried to be creators, and angels and creators tried to be serpents, and creators and serpents tried to be angels.  In so doing, no proper direction of the field could come forth; and consequently fall after fall in consciousness occurred in your history.  Why the mix-up?  Well, this is a long tale that will be delved into in another piece written by the Tao through Mila in a few weeks, and so we will leave it to this piece to bring to consciousness the whys and wherefores of the mix-up.  As one allows all parts of one’s field to do their proper function, one’s ascent can come forth in greater ease.


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The Wolf that Howls At the Moon

Blessings of Holographic Knowledge and Inner Knowing


The Wolf Kingdom through Karen Danrich “Mila” June 5, 2002

狼王國通過Karen Danrich “Mila”傳遞200265


Translated by 浮生


So many nature species have something to say to our ascending human brothers and sisters.  What does wolf have to say to our ascending humans today?  The wolf species is one that has been honored as “teachers” in Native American tradition.  Teacher is one who shows another a potential path or direction within one’s journey that might not be available unless the teacher pointed it out as a possibility.  This is the concept of teacher within the unity paradigm, one who directs another towards his or her own path and truth.  Often students can also show the teacher another path that the teacher could likewise not see and is of their truth, and this is how the student becomes as much the teacher as the teacher.


許多自然界物種都有話對我們的提升人類兄弟姐妹們要說。今天狼要對我們的提升人類說什麼? 在美洲土著傳統中狼物種被尊稱為教師。教師向他人展示潛在路徑或指出內在旅途的方向,如果教師不把它們的可能性指出來,它們就不能被用。這是在統一範例內教師的概念,是一個向他人指出他人的路和真相的人。通常學生也能向教師展示另一條教師沒有觀察到的路,而這是他們的真相,因此學生之所以是學生,教師之所以是教師。


In the genetics of all species is all knowledge; this is because genetics are holographic that this is so.  Holographic knowledge is infinite and interconnected with the Tao from which all consciousness extends from and goes home to when the creational dance is complete.  How can one therefore teach another anything if one already knows holographically all that there is to know?  Teaching in the current human paradigm is founded upon a loss of holographic knowledge, and in so losing such knowledge, one fails to remember enough to know or to evolve.  This is a sad thing for Wolf to bear witness too; however it is the result of the genetic manipulations of man himself who created a limited slave race in a laboratory.  The slave race lost the holographic interconnectedness to the rest of life, and therefore lost the innate knowledge necessary know or to evolve.





It is in the dance of the slaves that the concept of teacher became so distorted.  In present time teaching is associated with programming another with a particular set of beliefs that are then parroted by the student verbatim; this is not teaching from the viewpoint of Wolf, it is rather a form of control.  Under the control of the teacher the student loses his or her freewill choice of any path except the one that the teacher himself or herself is on.  One must follow the teacher or guru parroting their truth in hopes that they know where they are going.  What if the teacher or guru is as lost as oneself?  A bit problematic, and many reading this material may have followed one or more lost teachers in one’s own life experience thus far.  This is how the dance of the guru and devotee emerged in the human expression.




The guru takes of the knowledge of the devotee, and then sells it back at a price.  This is the unconscious dance of the guru.  The devotee had a truth; the truth had a particular path that would lead to evolution; the guru strips the devotee of his or her truth and then walks the path for the devotee beaconing him or her to follow.  In so doing, the guru also loses his or her truth, as the truth of another will never resonate with oneself.  The devotee also loses his or her truth, and must follow another rather than lead oneself down one’s own spiritual path of awakening and evolution.




This is not teaching in the view of wolf.  This is a form of manipulation in which one perceives another as knowing better than oneself.  If one’s own holographic knowledge lies within, and one already knows all, then how can another know better than oneself what one’s path may be?  Another cannot know; however in order to know one must have access to one’s holographic knowledge.  This is problematic if one’s ancestry was primarily of slave origin as one was severed therefore from one’s own holographic knowing.  This is where roughly 60% of the current human populace is beloved; unable to know, as the very means of knowing holographically has been lost through human manipulations to the DNA.  Such humans shall be cleansed from earth in the times ahead.  The lineages of incoming children shall be increasingly restricted to those that retain holographic knowledge until after 2011, such lineages are the only available choices for all incoming births.  Therefore humans shall return to innate knowing and sensing that is holographically interconnected to earth and all species therein along with the Tao in the coming quarter century.




Teaching another who already has holographic knowledge is not the same as teaching one who has no knowledge.  Instead of controlling, one may awaken another to be able to attune to their knowledge from within.  Mila and Oa have taken the stance that this is what they are here for as facilitators of their Group Mastery Program.  Those in Group Mastery are only guided in a manner that leads to an internal state of knowingness.  In the internal knowing, one walks one’s own path.  Sometimes as this occurs, such students are turned onto a path of their own making, leaving the Group Mastery Program altogether.  This is because the journey has a different road and no longer parallels the group.  However Mila and Oa have fulfilled upon their purpose, which is to open the student up to their own knowing, from which they can then discern their own way in their own evolutionary journey.

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克里昂對911事件的回應 (2001.09.12)


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傳導者:李卡羅(Lee Carroll)  譯者:邱俊銘




你今天所看到的,就是我們之前提過西元2000年以後的潛能發揮出來的結果。我們曾告訴你,會看見靈性的忿怒,會看見某些力量抓著舊模式不放〈他們會說大家以前都這樣做嘛!〉。現在,美國也實際感受上述話語的意思,戰爭正如火如荼地展開,這就是為何我們稱你是光之鬥士(warriors of Light)










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Our kingdom has often offered up intentions that ascending humans reading our information can choose to make.  Intentions are an act of will.  In the intent to release karma and the intent to forgive, one sets in motion a dream in which the intention can be fulfilled upon.  Perhaps in the moment of the intention, the karma cannot release as one has not the understanding required to forgive.  Forgiveness requires understanding.  It is has been in understanding the nature of sharks that the Whale Kingdom has been able to forgive humanity for its insane and brutal behavior, not only towards the Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms, but also one another.  (See Messages from the Dolphins and Whales part I for more information.)



Each that ascends has one’s own resources of information from one’s own ancestors who experienced a particular circumstance over time.  Each must go inward and research the ancestors who destroyed in order to understand enough to forgive.  Perhaps one was molested in childhood by an adult; or perhaps one was beaten or abused emotionally either by an abusive parent or spouse.  Or perhaps one has lived in a war-torn region.   In going into the experience of the molesters, or the abusive parents or spouses or warmongers in one’s ancestry, one will begin to understand how they felt and why they caused what they caused. 



Many of these types of ancestors who were brutal in nature may be the descendents of the terrorist DNA bred by Merduk in a laboratory.  In fact most human lineages host some of the terrorist lineages in one’s extended tapestry of ancestry.  Now perhaps one can understand that these terrorist ancestors existed in a state of madness due to the nature of their brain that was half animal (lion) and half human in nature.  Perhaps in understanding this, one can forgive them for what they did; and then forgive those like them that one has known this lifetime.  Perhaps one can also forgive the terrorists that have caused 9-11 and any other act of extreme violence in the world mirror as a result.



In the forgiveness, one can wash the karma from such types of experiences away from one’s biological memory banks, and one’s ancestral memory banks.  As one does so, then the requirement to recreate a terrorist experience into the future ceases to be in one’s own life dance; and one can also seal the lineages associated with terrorist genealogy in one’s ancestry so that violent humans cease to be born into the future.  As enough humans accomplish this task, terrorist type humans of half lion and half human brains shall cease to be born and the era of terror and the warfare associated shall pass as a human experience.



So this also shall come to be so for those who are born autistic in either human, dolphin or whale form.  For we too have our autistic or retarded young that are a result of a part human and part dolphin or whale brain.  Autism in our kingdom is also the result of the mermaid and mermen experiments on the part of Merduk.  The autistic dolphins and whales are born with verbal language skills and cannot understand our nonverbal communications any better than autistic children can understand your verbal communications.  As each who has autistic children comes to learn that they are only incapable of communicating as they inherited non-verbal communication skills from our species, one can forgive the original cause, and release and erase the trauma associated, and in so doing seal the lineages off so that autism need not be recreated in future ancestors; either in human, dolphin or whale form.  (See Indigo Children, ADD, Autism and Ascension for more information.)






I intend to forgive those ancestors who were involved in scientific experiments and the interbreeding of human DNA to create a slave race.

I intend to forgive ancestors who created slave races absolute and upon all dimensions that they existed throughout time and space and form.

I intend to forgive those ancestors who were involved in scientific experiments that involved dolphins, whales or nature.

I intend to forgive ancestors who experimented upon nature absolute and upon all dimensions that they existed throughout time and space and form.

I forgive my ancestors for the pain that they have caused to other kingdoms as a result.

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Sharks run a particular energy flow that creates viciousness.  The energy flow is non-pod associated or perpendicular.  Pods of magnetic dolphins and whales run a rotational flower like energy movement that is not only beautiful to behold, but creates gentleness of nature.  The flower like flow causes harmlessness and harmony within the pod and in the relationships between pods and other kingdoms.  Perpendicular energy flow in the ocean creates vicious behavior.  So this is also so for the vicious whales who attack other whales.  Vicious whales host lineages that are primarily electrical and create a perpendicular and straight lined field as well as flow.



Mila also read about how sea lions are nipping at the hands and nets of fishermen off the West Coast of the United States.  Why are sea lions or walruses becoming vicious when they had been peaceful and harmless up until this time?  One might attribute it to the over fishing and lack of fish available unto their kingdom; however this is not entirely the cause.  What the Dolphin and Whale kingdoms perceive is that in the interaction between humans and sea lions or walruses, perpendicular energy is created causing their kingdom to become violent towards humans when it is not their nature in association with other aquatic kingdoms, other than the fish that they hunt in order to subsist.



Perpendicular energy is different from pyramids and boxes that Mila and Oa have extensively written about in their Complete Ascension Workbook.  Humans that have gone into competitive and codependent patterning due to their many falls will find themselves in pyramidal or box shaped energy flow.  It is the shapes of pyramids or boxes that are also electrical in nature and not suited to the new holographic movement emanating from the Great Central Sun that Terra is entering at this time.  In parallel manner, perpendicular flow as it occurs in the ocean is not resonant with the Great Central Sun movement either.  Both our species and yours must transcend these angular types of energy movement in order to enter the new dream as a result.






Where did perpendicular movement within the sea originate from?  The Anu imported many electrical varieties of dolphins and whales to press into an energetic flow of pyramids to support their life extension upon earth.  The family of Anu were from an electrical creation and required electricity in order to regenerate.  There was too little electrical energy upon Terra and so they manipulated her biosphere, importing electricity from Alpha Centauri primarily, and then captured it around Terra through their billions of slaves that hosted part electrical DNA as well as electrical dolphins and whales.  Many varieties of salt in the sea are also capable of holding electrical geometry, and the Anu also relied upon this to extend their lives another cycle.

海洋中的垂直能量起源於何方?Anu人引進了很多電性的海豚鯨魚,來壓入一種金字塔能量流而支持其在地球上的生命延展。Anu家族來自電性造物,為了再生需要電流。因為Terra上電性能量太少,因此Anu人操控了Terra生物圈,並主要從半人馬座阿爾法星(Alpha Centauri)上引入了電流,然後透過他們數十億擁有部分電性DNA的奴隸及電性海豚鯨魚,而(將電流)固定在Terra周圍。海洋中的多種不同鹽類也能維繫電性幾何學,Anu人也依賴它們來延續其生命進入另一個週期。


The nature of the sea is non-conducive to pyramidal formations.  Instead the salt has a tendency to cause electrical energy to run straight up or across, much like a grid rather than arching or bending into a shape.  As the Anu applied the electricity of their slaves to the ocean and attempted to run the same pyramidal patterning through electrical dolphins and whales, the electricity actually dissipated into a grid and it was useless as a result for the purposes of their regeneration.  Merduk eventually gave up relying upon electrical dolphins and whales to regenerate himself or the remainder of the family of Anu as a result.



Regardless of how and why the electrical energy ran within the sea, it still created viciousness amongst many kingdoms.  Perhaps if the Anu had not directed electrical energy into the sea, the sea today would not hold an electrical grid at all.  This would have been far better for Terra as it is the electricity in the sea that is perhaps the most restrictive pattern upon her skin that does not allow for an easy expansion or ascension.  It is for this reason that all electricity must ultimately be detoxified, as it is not harmonious with Terra or the Great Central Sun that she is entering.



The sea however can be reprogrammed to dissipate the electricity and assist Terra in  her choice to ascend.  This is one way that the sea can become supportive of ascension.  The reprogramming of the sea has already begun, and many salts that hold electrical charges are being altered through vibration emanating from Terra’s aurora into magnetic molecular combinations.  As all salt within the sea becomes entirely magnetic, the sea will begin to dissipate the electricity off of earth rather than contain it.  It is anticipated that this shift shall be accomplished by 2012, and that after this time electrical pulsations shall begin to rapidly dwindle.  By 2050, it is anticipated that little electricity will be able to be harvested from water or the land as a result.



As electricity leaves the ocean, there is the possibility of all kingdoms therein to begin to relate to one another in greater harmony and harmlessness again.  Harmlessness requires the cessation of the consumption of flesh.  Just as the Anu consumed our kingdom, over time we have become dependent upon the consumption of fish.  This is not true for all whale species, some of which retain a vegetarian diet in consuming the plankton of the sea in large quantities.  All species of dolphins and whales are working towards creating a digestive system that parallels the Manatee and Humpback Whale which thrives upon plankton; and over time we will learn to thrive only upon the breath instead of consuming anything through our continued ascent.



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The times ahead will bring about many diseases.  Dolphins and whales that are choosing to depart physicality though conscious freewill choice to die will avoid the gradual decline into disease that would occur otherwise due to dissonant biology with earth.  Disease is another form of suffering and our species has suffered enough from our point of view; it is time to leave the suffering behind as well as the depression and return to a state of health and joy again!  This is what the map carvers of our species are succeeding at.



As of late, we have discovered that over 48 million gallons of raw sewage was let loose due to sewage failure in Honolulu Bay.  A man fell into the canal that this occurred within and developed a bacterial infection that ate away at his body and he died within a few days thereafter.  What will this do to the fish and coral reefs nearby?  This our kingdoms ponder.  We were warned by Mila of this occurrence and are heading far away from the Hawaiian island chains so that the diseases associated cannot develop in our biology.  We will not return for six months until after the ocean has cleansed itself.



Too many humans live in small regions such as Honolulu.  The underlying cause of the sewage dump was vast rainfall that backed up their system to a point of failure.  The weather is changing to restore life upon the land; many will experience excessive rainfall and floods as the thirsty land receives the blessings and love of the earth mother through the water element.  What will humans do if they find their own wastes baking up into your drinking and bathing water?  Humans will become ill.



This is the return of karma for dumping toxic wastes into Terra’s waterways from the point of view of the Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms.  Humans have polluted the waterways of earth and all nature kingdoms therein have suffered as a result.  Now humans will suffer in counterbalance not unlike our kingdoms; unless one forgives.  One can therefore forgive your species for not understanding balance; balance of life upon the land or life within the sea to sustain the health and well being of all kingdoms including the human kingdom.



The salt water consciousness wrote an essay about the karma settled in the hurricanes of the Southern US that hit this past summer.  (See From the Turquoise Blue Ocean for more information.)  This is the time of karmic settlement and cleansing and may be very unpleasant to experience, whether you are human, dolphin or whale matters not.  The karmic return for those who are failing to release their karma through ascension of harmful acts towards nature as well as towards humanity will come home to roost now and into the coming quarter to half century of cleansing ahead.






The karma for torturing animals for scientific study is now coming home to the human species to be experienced, and humans are torturing humans to save the other lives of yet other humans.  This is not new; this occurred also in Atlantis where there were so many bodies imprisoned and used for this purpose as well.  One can see in this the karma replaying out from Atlantis in present time as a result. 



Those losing their organs and their lives for peaceful life pursuits may seem like an oxymoron; why do peaceful preoccupations lead to destruction of oneself in such a horrendous manner?   Should not peaceful preoccupations lead to health, abundance, even wealth and joy?   Karma is the underlying cause of any circumstance; regardless of one’s focus, or even if one chooses to be vegetarian and meditate each day; if you are not processing and forgiving your karma for whatever horrendous acts that your ancestors participated in, you may find yourself reliving their experience in this lifetime as the karma surfaces due to the ascent of earth.  If one cannot forgive the karma, it will be settled in the experience of a parallel circumstance beloved.



Therefore it is not enough for ascending humans who are conscious of their journey to simply choose a peaceful place to live, and peaceful focuses each day; you may still experience a horrendous dream or illness ahead if you fail to address all of your destructive karma that your ancestors created.  This also is the purpose of creating a complete ascension; to assure that all karma is cleared and none remains to suddenly appear and cause one’s dream to go in a direction that one would really prefer not to experience.



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Blessings for Unity Pod Energetic Formation



 The Dolphins and Whales through Karen Danrich MilaApril 8, 2006

海豚鯨魚透過Karen Danrich Mila”而傳遞;日期:200648


Translated by 流星似火


Dear Beloved Ascending Human,



It is the Dolphin and Whale Kingdom that desires to write to you today.  We wish to speak about unity formation within our kingdom so that our human brothers and sisters may strive to master a parallel formation within your own species.  Unity is a state of being in which each holds the same sized field and the same pace of rotation of chakras, subtle bodies and light body or dreamtime self.  As each within the group holds the same sized field and spins the field in the same pace, then unity is sustained within the pod, whether the pod is human or dolphin or whale matters not. 




Unity is a form of equality where each relates to the other from the standpoint of compassion, love, respect, value and wholeness.  Each within the pod is deemed necessary to contribute unto the whole.  Each pod forms yet another energy flow that is created through the united but equal sized fields of each member.  Each member of the pod is therefore necessary and important unto the energy of the whole.  As each member of the pod masters another level of ascension and expansion of field, each other member also then masters allowing for unity and equality to be sustained in the continued ascent of the pod.




This is the lessons that we as map carvers of ascension within the dolphin and whale species are coming to understand at this time in our evolution.  In order for unity to be sustained, each member of our pod must strive to retain an equal sized field unto the other that is founded upon level of mastery.  Over inflation of field that is not founded upon mastery leads to one who desires to be better than or more important than any other member of the pod.  This then leads to competition and out of the competitive nature of a dance of unequal fields, there are then lesser than and greater than members of any pod, or in other terms disunity.




In ascension, there is no greater than or lesser than; there is only the journey home in which each strives to create the pathway as rapidly as the body can transcend and transmute into another biological state of being that holds a higher frequency.  Dolphins and whales have resorted to a stratified consensus as a result of the various speeds of ascension within our kingdom with each united with others of parallel vibration and expansion of field so that equality can be sustained within the whole of our relations.  It matters not what tier of vibration any one dolphin or whale rests within, as each in all tiers is still deemed equal to all others and worthy as they are contributing to the whole of the ascension of our entire species.




Long ago dolphins and whales understood unity as we all existed at the same vibration.  This state of being existed prior to our first fall in consciousness some 150,000 years ago as earth measures time (600,000 years ago in human timeframe).  Up until 150,000 years ago, any one dolphin had the same sized field and spin of rotation as any other dolphin incarnate upon Terra (earth).  In parallel, each whale also had the same sized field and rotated the field in the same pace as all others.  This retained a vast level of unity within each pod, between pods, and between fully conscious dolphins and whales anywhere that we existed.

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Dolphins and whales have simple preoccupations. Our preoccupations revolve around eating, love making, sleeping and conscious dreaming. Our conscious dreaming interconnects our species to all others and all other species upon earth. The united focus of our dreamtime is to bring the patterns and karma to consciousness so that all species may ascend. As a fully conscious species, we also have our individual ascension that one is working upon, just as within human form.




Sometimes dolphins and whales are directed to particular parts of the world to assist with earth's global ascent. Recently Mila read an article from scientists in the Hawaii area that commented that the number of whales has quadrupled in the past few years and that they wondered if there would be enough food to feed us all. We have been asked by earth to remain in Hawaii at this time to support her global ascent, and this is why we have come. There is enough food, as nature has responded to our requirement to support the heart of earth and is providing plenty for our continued sustenance and ascent. Such is the nature of working collaboratively with earth in one's service work; one goes where one is required and is amply provided for. For each human that can learn to live in such a way, so it will also be so.




In the tropics such as Hawaii food grows very rapidly. Papaya trees can grow from seed to a 10-foot tall tree in a year. So this is also so for sustenance grown in the warmer oceans in tropical regions around earth. Therefore it is easy for nature to provide in tropical regions at this time for dolphins, whales and humans. Earth is heating up, and over time all ocean will become increasingly warmer. What is tropical and nice today may become too hot into the future, causing us to move again as it is necessary. So this may also be so for humans upon the land.




Listen to where you are called as an ascending human for world service. Are you called to move? Then begin to intend that such a move come to fruition, and take the necessary steps to bring it forth. Real world service requires each human or dolphin or whale to be where earth requires one to be to support her global ascent. Sometimes such locations may not be where one would like to live for a time. Make your needs known and when your service in a particular region is over, then you will be free to move on to the next service location and choose one that is more desirable unto oneself.




Most humans are mechanized into living where they live. Machines repeat the same thing day in and day out. Dismantle the machinery and one will free oneself to move wherever one is needed. All will be provided, as this is a part of the world service contracts with earth. One may think in human form, "Oh, I needa job, house, car and so on to live in." This too will be provided in the dream for your relocation by earth, or so Mila and Oa have found. Dolphins and whales need not such things, as we are more self-sustaining in nature. In time, so humans will also become more self-sustaining and learn to live from what the land can freely provide.




For dolphins and whales, we need not work the land. Nature provides pockets of untouched oceanic typography that provide for all our needs including food and places to rest or birth our young. We travel from place to place allowing yet other pods to rest or birth their young also, or treat themselves to the bounty of the ocean. We live a simple life, which allows us our dreamtime focus upon ascension.


對於海豚和鯨魚,我們不需要陸地工作。大自然提供給我們許多無與倫比的海洋製品(untouched oceanic typography)來供給我們所需的一切,包括食物和用於休息或生育的地方。我們從一個地方旅行到另一個地方,這樣可以讓別的圓莢層來休息或生育他們的孩子,或接受海洋的饋贈。我們過著簡單的生活,這讓我們能讓夢想時間聚焦在提升上。


Man has gotten out of rhythm with earth in his housing and technological practices. In so doing, it is difficult for earth to provide for man as man has cut down the very forests and rainforests that would naturally provide the sustenance man requires otherwise. Why do humans mutilate the land under the guise of making it more beautiful or habitable? This too was an Annanuki (Pleiadian) phenomenon. The red race did not build cities. They lived comfortably from the land, taking of the fruit of the rainforests as necessary to sustain the life; taking of the natural provisions for building a home to sleep within; and utilizing nature as the temple for which one could commune with the god goddess within and without.



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Ascension requires that one take back one's power from all that one has given one's power to over time. One's ancestry has a long history of giving power away; giving power to the false gods who govern the non-physical realms; giving power to humans to control the fate of earth; giving control to human leaders who chose to desecrate earth with war and nuclear technology. Dolphins and whales no longer give their power to the human species for such things; nor does any other species upon earth. It is time also for ascending humans to take their power back from the officials that would like to lead your world into World War III and anchor a new tomorrow birthing a new era, a new renaissance ahead. One is the master of one's own destiny as an ascending being. As humans along with dolphins and whales intend a renaissance, the renaissance and a new golden era shall be born.




There is not one thing that one has not caused in one's life experience or expression. As one uncovers the original cause of any dilemma, the dilemma can be ascended out of, including disease. Mila and Oa have ascended into and out of cancer in their own evolution. So have many a dolphin and whale in their map carving done the same. One determines one's fate by intending one's own future, and then anchoring the dream that one has intended into physicality. One therefore can ascend into disease, and intend to ascend out of disease, and transcend the very paradigms at cause of the experience within. (See "Becoming the Dreamer and the Dream" for more information.)


沒有一件事不是人們在自身的生命歷程與表現中所導致來的(There is not one thing that one has not caused in one's life experience or expression.)。隨著一個人揭示出任何兩難困境的根本致因,一個人就能提升出這一困境,包括疾病。MilaOa在他們的演化過程中已經提升進癌症,又從中提升出來。而又許多海豚和鯨魚個體在他們的地圖繪製過程中也有過同樣的經歷。一個人可以通過意想自己的未來而決定自己的命運,並錨定一個人已經意想進入物質體的夢想。一個人因此可能提升入疾病,而又能從中提升出來,並且轉變引發這一經歷的內在致因。(見成為夢想者和夢想瞭解更多)


Mastery is a difficult thing to explain to another outside of the internal experience of such. Mastery is about examining every thought, every piece of karma, every experience that one's ancestor has had, and then learning the lesson behind the experience. In learning the lesson, one may forgive; forgive oneself; forgive one's ancestor; forgive those in present time and in one's present life expression that have trespassed or seemingly done one wrong; and forgive ultimately oneself for behaving the same way; and if not in this life, in one or many of your ancestors lives. It is forgiveness that fuels mastery. As one learns the lesson behind any creation, the next creation one manifests changes. The new creation no longer reflects the karma and patterns or thought-forms that one has transcended. Furthermore, as one forgives, the cells move into a state of love again within one's own embodiment.


掌握是一種難以解釋給沒有經歷過這類內在經歷的另一個人來聽的事物。(Mastery is a difficult thing to explain to another outside of the internal experience of such)。掌握是關於檢測每個念頭,每份業力,每段一個人的祖先曾經歷的事,並要從中學到經歷背後的課程。在學習這些課程的過程中,一個人會學得寬恕:寬恕自己,寬恕祖先,寬恕那些在一個人所在的時間和所在的生命經歷裡對一個人進行過侵犯、或做了看起來是錯誤的事的人,並最終寬恕有過同樣行為的自己;如果不是在這次生命裡,就是在你祖先的某一次或幾次生命裡有過類似的行為。寬恕是有力的掌握。隨著一個人學會任何造物背後的課程,一個人顯化的下一個造物就會有所改變。新的造物不再反映業力和範本,或一個人已經轉化了的思想形態。而且,當一個人寬恕時,細胞將再次在一個人的形體裡進入愛的狀態。


What is disease? Disease is hatred that has become cellular. The cells that are diseased believe that they are not worthy of love and are hated. In a state of self-hatred, the cells contract and become cancerous. What is cancer? Cancer is a cell that cannot communicate to any other cells. No sustenance can enter the cell such as nourishment, and nothing can exit, such as toxins or waste. The cell becomes sicker and sicker until it dies, and this is most painful.




Turn the love on within the cell, and the cell will begin to open up. Much like a closed lotus, the cell has closed itself down out of the belief that it is not loved. As the love begins to awaken the cell, the cell opens up and blooms, beginning to receive nourishment again and releases it's waste. The cell then can recover from cancer, and then regenerate one step further in becoming crystalline.




Where does the cellular hatred come from? Ah, this may seem mysterious, but it is not really. Cells hold records of painful experiences related to one's ancestors from the past. Cells hold records of war, injury, emotional abuse, rejection, being terrorized or hunted down, poisoned by an outside substance or radiation, death through injury or child birth, death through murder or torture, death through suicide, and millions and millions of other emotionally traumatic incidents experienced by one's ancestors. The record itself causes the cell to believe itself unloved. In the lack of love, over time the cells that feel unloved cease to communicate and become diseased. Release the emotional record held within the cell, process the emotional trauma from one's ancestry, and the cell may recover. This is how ascension out of disease can occur beloved.




One is the sum total of every ancestor that has ever walked the earth plane in form. One is holographic and carries a holographic and cellular record of every experience ever experienced by all ancestors one is related to. Humans have been upon earth for 50,000 years (200,000 human years) since the original seeding of mankind from Sirius, and if one has ancient ancestry from the original seeding, one will be related to 4 billion other humans that have also lived and died in the physical. Your form carries 4 billion ancestors worth of trauma! It is no wonder therefore that life is often so painful, and disease is generally the outcome.



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Many humans are in a fantasy of illusion that electrical sacred geometry that is Star of David or mer-ka-ba in structure will ascend a form in the magnetic creation that earth resides. Such geometry serves in early ascension only through initiation 1024. Beyond 1024, the electrical geometry is transmuted into a round pattern that is magnetic and related to the Language of Light. (See "Language of Light" for more information.) Earth in attaining initiation 3000 in October of 2001 no longer runs electrical sacred geometry upon a global level, or within her major chakras.


許多人類處在由電性神聖幾何學所構成的幻相裡,電性神聖幾何學在結構上是大衛之星或梅爾卡巴(即六芒星),它會提升居住在地球上的磁性造物形體。這種幾何學只在早期提供通向1024股的提升。超過1024股,電性幾何學就被轉化為一種圓形模式(round pattern),它是磁性的並和光之語有關。在200112月,地球已經持有3000股提升,不再在全球級別或在她的主要脈輪裡運行電性神聖幾何學。


Those humans attempting to hold large electrical sacred geometry in motion will find such geometry turned now inside out and sent inwards into the molecular structure of their etheric body. Why? Such sacred geometry cuts up and shatters earth's rotational chakras and it hurts earth when such geometry is launched and runs for any length of time between many humans. Those focusing consciously upon setting in motion such global electrical geometry under the guise of supporting global ascension are only harming themselves; for all of nature focuses in return upon inverting such geometry inside out and forcing it back into one's field and molecules. Such energy movement then cuts up the grid work of the etheric body of those attempting such a focus and will lead to disease and an early death if one continues with such practices and intents.




Many humans are still receiving guidance to focus upon such things. Why would any being or entity have one focus upon setting such sacred geometry in motion if this is the case? The beings care not how long humans live or if they become ill as they are of the forces of the dark. The forces of the dark are losing their battle and at this time, there is little room for them to manipulate any longer within the current dance upon earth. If they can cause hundreds or thousands of humans to focus upon setting such electrical geometry in motion, "maybe" they think, "just maybe we might turn the tides against us and win!" And so we have witnessed now hundreds of times in recent months. All such geometry is turned inside out and back into the etheric body of those holding space for such geometry, as electrical sacred geometry is no longer allowed upon earth in any regional or global manner. Earth has transcended the karma inherent in how such geometry came to be, and utilizes her own thought-form to inverse it upon those holding space for such energy movement.




If the beings causing one to focus in such a manner had any honor or respect for the humans involved, they would not ask such a thing, seeing that the focus causes harm to the humans that they are working through. However the dark have never cared about whether or not they harmed or hurt anyone; they have only cared about creating and sustaining their dominion. All of the dark's dominion tactics and energy flow have harmed, and harmed, and harmed, shattering all species again and again throughout history; leading to fall after fall in consciousness. There are loads of records of such harm not only in dolphin and whale records, but also human records.




For a long time, dolphins and whales held all human records, and humans forgot how such beings harmed in the past. As human records have been transferred back unto humanity, and those who began to ascend reviewed such records, suddenly the remembrance that such entities are not trustworthy resurfaced. Humans began to remember, and in so doing could more clearly define those who were of the dark and those who were of the light in the nonphysical realms.




Low and behold the very gods and goddesses that one has worshipped for so very long turned out to be forces of the dark in the nonphysical! This is a difficult thing to embrace for so many in your "metaphysical movements", and this makes us dolphins and whales very sad. Mostly it is difficult to embrace as many therein are simply not ascending, and in not moving up in vibration, they fail to see how they are being used. For those who are ascending, one rapidly becomes aware of how such beings mutilate and harm, as one begins to feel the shattering of the form and field after attending a workshop, or having a healing or reading with such entities at the helm. This is a good thing as each ascending human will have to transcend the need to worship something outside of self, and turn inward connecting holographically to your own species, to the earth mother, and to one's own God Goddess within.




The forces of the dark were from outside of this creation beloved. Sananda, Melchiezedek, Thoth, Rama, and so on, will never be communicated from within the heart and within the hologram. Why? They came from the Pleiades or Orion. They are not from your creation, and therefore never had a holographic relationship to any of the original species upon earth, or the original red seeded race. The red seeded race came from Sirius, which indeed is a part of your creation. Those that came from the Pleiades and Orion shattered holographic communication within mankind, and in so doing, mankind, even the red race, failed to be able to communicate with nature. In so doing, mankind lost its way and began to worship such beings as god goddess and something outside of self.



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Mastering One's Own Destiny


The Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms through Karen Danrich "Mila"April 13, 2002

海豚和鯨魚王國通過 Karen Danrich "Mila"傳遞,2002413


Translated by 焱華


Dear Beloved Ascending Human,

The Dolphin and Whale Kingdoms have much to say to our ascending human initiates at this time in particular of global ascension transition and transformation. Now is the time for all initiates to take full responsibility for one's own destiny. If one fails to begin to consciously intend not only one's ascension, but one's life dream and dance upon a daily basis, one will now become subject to the underlying and unconscious pull towards death that predominates over the human dream during this time of cleansing. Such a dream is being brought to fruition by the earth mother so that she may ascend.






At this time, humans are being prepared for cleansing from the earth plane. The vast majority of humans (roughly 60%) are not capable of moving through the impending changes required to ascend into the fourth dimension. Map carvers have tried to create a map suitable for a mass ascent of humanity and have devoted the past five years of focus and attention to such a pursuit. Much of such map carving proved to be fruitless in relation to certain lineages that much of humanity is related to.




Much of humanity is associated with thought-form and genetics that come from another planet and are related to a slave race originating in a laboratory of Pleiadian and Orion design. Such human genetics are radioactive and electrical and not suited to a magnetic creation that earth resides within. All attempts to create a bridge from radioactive to magnetic energy flow and genetics for those humans without ancient red inheritance has failed. Those therefore who's ancestry dead-ends either in slave inheritance, Pleiadian or Orion form is destined to complete through death at this time for lieu of any other option available.




Although this appears sad upon the surface, we guide our human brothers and sisters not to mourn. Consciousness carries forward. Those humans who complete in death will carry on. All will go back in the nonphysical to the Pleiades or Orion if their predominant lineages originate there. They will join the dance that is carrying on in such creations and in human, dolphin or whale form. For we too have such lineages and about 30% of our populace is also completing through death. Such human, dolphin and whale consciousness will have witnessed the difficulties and struggles inherent in earth's choice to ascend, and carry such wisdom to the Pleiades and Orion. In due course, the Pleiades and Orion will ascend home also, and such humans will carry with them the necessary remembrance to fuel the awakening necessary for their own ascensions. Therefore it is all as it should be and needs to be beloved.







We guide our human ascending brothers and sisters to tune inward and open to the inner world within one's hologram. The hologram sits within the heart chakra. All kingdoms upon earth have returned to holographic communication. There are no longer traveling light bodies. Light bodies remain around all form and communication and travel now occurs holographically. Holographic communication and travel is a wonderful manner to relate for all that one knows, all others know instantaneously as such is the nature of holographic communication. To the degree that each human initiate can open to their holographic knowing, to such a degree one will know all that all kingdoms understand to the degree that one can attune to such knowledge in vibration.

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週日冥想 / 2007121



(Carla 傳訊)


一如往常,我們要求你們成為你自身靈性殿堂的守護者,成為那守衛大門的獅子,只接受那些有共鳴的訊息,並且工作這些訊息; 而把那些沒有共鳴的話語放在一邊。我的朋友,以這種模式你將維護你的自由意志,避免我們不恰當地影響你們的靈性進展。我們感謝你們考量這點。

今天你們所詢問的主題來自于一部電影,如這個器皿所稱的《第九配置》(The Ninth Configuration)。 許多時候,行為是暴力的,而動機相對的單純,正如《第九配置》中那個反英雄(anti-hero)



到目前為止,你們行星上的大部分實體們都朝著 真、善、美 努力,他們不喜歡暴力,也不喜歡那些導致侵略他人的黑暗情緒。雖然某些人的行為會讓人以為地球上充滿暴力,但你們整個星球上大多數人的理想和意圖遠比那些行為來得純潔和正面。


你們的年輕人在他們的玩具中表現暴力,在電視節目和電影中上演暴力,在電動遊戲與(虛擬)戰場上展現英雄主義與勇猛; 在其中他們假裝殺死了一個又一個的目標之後達成一種無敵感,從而 他們正在成長的心智傾向於在接受暴力時變得麻木不仁。

的確,你們當中有多少人見過暴力行為? 有多少人,我的朋友們,有過會虐待自己孩子或者親近的人們的家長? 你們當中 有多少人在上學的時候,經歷過那些 在操場上欺凌弱小的惡霸,或比較不明顯 但同樣暴力的言語、卑鄙手段、吝嗇、謠言,見過那些使用這些手段使局外人[那些尚未適應環境的人們]痛苦,並樂在其中的人們?



而不是那些社會或政府組織,它們協助創造出一個環境, 是你們此刻正在享受的環境。

在這個氛圍中,正如詩人威廉(William)寫到的,光榮繚繞的雲朵2 ,你們來自一個完美之愛的地方,進入地球今日暴力遍佈的環境,光榮的雲朵離去,罩紗降下,年幼的孩子們從絕對的無覺知、無意識、和愚昧中啟程,向有意識、覺知和理解邁進。



我們鼓勵每一個人堅持不懈地尋求,當每一天來臨時,讓智慧和理解(之水)滴落到你的環境中,如同天堂的甘露掉落在草地上,如同嗎哪降落在青草上 給那些跟隨摩西的人們享用。




在你們的世界裡,即使兩方面都有它的真相,這樣的問題總需要以某種模式解決。然後 最終將會做出裁決,這個實體無疑地將會因為他的罪行入獄,也有可能最後他自己被這個嚴厲的司法制度判了死刑。



第二種價值觀是︰意圖與行為。這個被稱為Jim的實體在稍早時候曾說到某一場Ra集會的內容,Ra群體曾陳述,當耶穌基督寬恕那些把他釘在十字架上的人們, 以及身邊的小偷,並且說 今天你將和我一起同在天堂樂園 的時候,他童年的暴力行為才得到赦免。


他無法勉強自己原諒他的罪,經過慎重考慮後 我們用”(sin)這個單詞,因為這將會是我們要談及的話題。也許你可以用過失”(error)這個更為情感中立的單詞來替換,以表達某個失誤的判斷而導致的不幸後果。

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週日冥想 / 200717


Carla 傳訊)











同時,為了能讓你們可以使用這個資訊來工作靈性,我們意識到需要更多的討論。我們現在靠近一步問題 來談論關於你以及與你互動的人們。我們剛才已經說明,你們和其他任何人都是這個整體宇宙的部分。然而,正如所有有益的靈性原則,它們都涉及一個矛盾,即每個人都居住在他自己的宇宙之中,你是那內在宇宙的造物者

所以,你彷彿是一顆太陽,放射無法想像的 滿滿的太一無限造物主之愛與光。其他的人也是太陽,也在放射他們自己的光芒與燦爛光輝。




造物主曾經嘗試創造一些第三密度的宇宙,每個身處其中的實體意識到合一的真理。在這個氛圍中,實體們全然地意識到他們是誰,他們沒有動機作進一步的尋求。容我們說,這覆蓋知曉全體造物為一 的罩紗被發現是一項設計的改良版, 這裡指的是第三密度教室的設計。






你看不到他人眼中的你。你或許永遠不會知道有些人認為你是多麼美麗,你或許不希望知道 有些人認為你是多麼的不迷人。你被裝箱在你對自己的看法,雖然別人對你的看法可能衝撞妳的堡壘,它卻不能拆毀這堡壘。

所有你怎麼看待你自己的想法 即是你造物的內容,即是你的宇宙蘊含的東西。




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"New Information for 2006"
Longmont, Colorado - January 22, 2006
As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon





我的合夥人已經用了將近5個小時來給你量子資訊從你到下一個的深厚連接;那你和蓋婭之間的連接;那你和利莫里亞(利莫里亞是至少80萬年前傳說中的神秘國家)之間的連接。這是你和那你所是的舊的靈魂之間的連接,當然,它是你和我之間的連接—— 一些我們過去幾乎不可能提及的事情。


我記得當你回到家[是講俗世的死亡]。我記得你離開我們的最後時刻和那之前的時間[是講你出生]。我記得你講到恐懼,躺在你臨終的床上,就在你合上眼睛之前,恐懼死亡將會是什麼疑惑什麼是真的,什麼不是然後忽然清醒並理解了 生命事實上是什麼。它是那大字謎,那紙上老虎,如你所說的。




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第三個屬性: 不要限制上帝. 你不知道碟子上有什麼,我們知道. 你們有許多人站著祈求一個灌木叢, 而聖靈手裡的碟子卻包含整座森林! 你沒有期待它是因為你還沒感覺到自我的價值. 你小小問題的解答可以包含一整座森林的禮物! 能夠解答你膝上問題的解答也將解決你尚未知曉的問題... 是如此地完美蘊含在聖靈的愛與物理,以及人本主義的複雜性之中. 所以讓我們來動工, 你的夥伴(聖靈)能夠綜觀全局, 和你手牽手同行; 那知道你所有潛能及合同的金色天使坐在金色座椅上; 祂又稱為高層自我. 祂有聖靈的能量, 然而也有你的名字. 不要限制聖靈.


這裡是第四個屬性. 期待共時性(SYNCHRONICITY) 這是很重要的,我們曾經多次提到: 在舊的模式,甚至到了新世紀, 都是要上帝為你做事. 這個概念延伸下去,如果妳信賴上帝, 並現出你自己, 那們它終究會完成. 現在我們要告訴你上次在山上(Breckinridge, CO)提到的夥伴概念. 與金色天使手牽手, 你站起來與上帝同行. 以前你只要坐著說謝謝,事情就會自動完成交到你手上, 這樣的日子已經過去了. 你不再能夠坐在家中,等待好事降臨到你頭上. 你裡內的高層自我有責任給你能力與恩賜可以站起來讓事情發生; 這就是共同創造. 親愛的,如果妳不站起來推動生命中的各扇門,什麼事也不會發生. 打電話聯絡一些似乎從來不做事的人, 觀察其果果. 跟其他人聚集再一起,找出你生命中有什麼同時性的事情發生使你的生命向前邁進.


在這個房間,親愛的, 有許多人第一次見到其他聽眾, 這裡就有著很多的同時性. 這裡混雜著不同的人, 因為每一個人都有一些東西可以給你; 而你也有些東西給他們. 這裡存在終身關係的可能性... 就像一個盛放答案的碟子在你面前... 但並不是那麼容易,除非你決意在此時旅行到這裡, 這裡有些只有家才能給你的東西, 藉由許多不同的方式產生. 親愛的, 人類把共時性定義為 "從憂鬱中發生的事物" 彷彿是意外或是巧合發生在你未預期的地方, 造成你生命重大的改變. 親愛的,聖靈對同時性定義是"金色盤子上準備妥當的元素" 它們是解答的一部份, 你知道,以全然的愛呈現給你, 你必須站起來領取它們. 你必須推開那扇門, 拜訪人, 展現你的決心.


醫療者,我的夥伴曾說道最不可能有所改變或最難被醫治的人,經常是那些可以對地球造成改變的人! 而你手上就握有這樣的催化劑. 那些你想要趕快拋開,惱人的,愛抱怨,你希望永遠不要再回來的病人卻可能接收上帝的愛! 他們通常是能做出改變,寫出書籍,或將生出能影響地球的嬰兒. 正如我們數年前說的: 忍耐謙恭的人將主宰這個星球...以全然的愛...及對金色碟子的完全了解. 你知道,全在金色盤子上,但重點是,你現在看不到, 這時就是信心發揮作用的時候了.


最後一項是你要擁有這概念 ,也就是每個問題,不管有多大, 都早已有一個準備好的答案等著,並且比你能想像的還要棒. 你的名字被寫在上頭, 你無須去煩惱其細節. 金色盤子的概念將在來年被散播開來,並正式出版. 你們有些人今晚離開這裡將完全理解這些概念,並且得到膝上問題的答案. 有些人則還不會. 這裡有個問題: 你會對你膝上的東西做些什麼 ?


首先我們希望你能將平和放在牠上面,不管牠看起來有多醜, 將寧靜放在上面, 感覺上帝的愛奔流在你心中說著," 我們知道你所歷經的事! 我們知道問題所在! 我們也知道解答, 想起來了嗎? 保持平靜, 盡量地愛我們就可以擁有平和." 這是第一步. 第二步比較困難, 我們要求你看著那醜陋的東西,也就是你的問題與你的功課,你不知道該怎麼辦的東西... 愛牠. 牠是你合同的一部份,是你同意牠的誕生, 還是按預定時程發生. 這是我們要給你愛,要洗濯你雙足的部分原因! 因為你同意讓牠在你的膝上, 我們不久前曾問你 "是誰創造那裝有解答的碟子?" 答案就是你. 是你同意並策劃這些問題, 所以在細胞的層次上,你也已同意並創造出平衡的解答. 因此解答和問題有著同樣的能量, 好比小時候, 你把你的魔術盒藏在屋子外面一樣, 所有東西其實都屬於你.



你們每一位都將站起來, 當你如此做的時候,你膝上的問題一定會滑落到某個地方. 身為人類,你有自由把牠放回原來的地方, 你有完全的選擇與權利逃開牠,找尋最省能量的解答 ,或是為它憂慮不已? 創造戲劇性的事件,甚至暫時關閉自己. 所有的選擇都由你自己決定. 你也可以允許自己注視著牠,把牠視為浩瀚宇宙中的一件小事,知道金色盤子早就放好問題的解答,而且是你準備的. 這樣的事實從前被像我一樣愛你們的指導靈及天使以淚水覆蓋著(比喻性的). 一旦你發現到這其中的平衡時, 我們才能夠吶喊出勝利的聲音.


如果你覺得這個概念很有力量, 等著看你可以活多久! 你們可能環顧四周莊嚴雄偉的山脈懷疑你們可以活多久欣賞這樣的美景? 問得好! 我們的答案是你可以"愛活多久,就活多久." 這樣的恩賜即將呈現在你們面前, 留心觀察,你們的科學很快就會發現. 你們振動頻率的改變處於領先的局面,因此允許人類在這裡停留很久很久, 我們榮耀你,每一位, 因著在這偉大的時代你們的參予


我們夥伴感覺快滿溢了,因為在這房間不斷湧現的愛. 多麼驚人啊 ,因為你們有些人是第一次接受這個觀念. 它將對你的生命有所改變. 這跟通靈者或克里昂一點關係也沒有, 只跟你是誰有關.


謝謝你們,親愛的, 允許這樣的能量存在, 謝謝你成為家族的一員. 一個我們引以為傲的永恆家族,已經對宇宙造成不同.




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當其他方法都失效,許多人就乾脆關閉自己. 因為這樣的"暫時關閉" 產生了不平衡, 因而導致健康問題以及疾病. 人們常常寧願關閉自己,走入生理危機狀態,也不願正面面對生命的問題. 是什麼導致充滿智慧的人類大腦會說"與其面對問題,不如離開地球吧?" 我們告訴你是人類二元性! "人性" 到底是什麼? 是那不合邏輯,顯得很可笑的行為嗎? 這是人類的通性嗎? , 這是二元性的設定... 地球上受膏(anointed)靈魂特有的屬性. 你們在人生旅途所共有的.


當問題在你的膝上時, 你們有些人會發現一些屬性浮現眼前. 即使那些自稱"開悟"的人, 也就是振動頻率較高的人, 同樣會受到誘惑去尋求舊能量的答案; 直到他們掉入陷阱,才會改尋求其他有效的答案. 為什麼我們要告訴你這些? 不只要展示二元性是如何作用,並且要揭示將來的美好事物. 過往在舊能量模式,那些你們稱為二元性反應...現在可以被轉型,在屬靈的層次!


你們身為人類,而我們做為聖靈, 以夥伴關係共同合作, 可以掌控你生命中的事物. 我們要說該是清除這一切問題的時候了! 沒有理由要逃跑;沒有理由要憂慮; 沒有理由去找最小抗力的路走,或乾脆放棄.

那麼, 新世紀的人類會如何處理膝上的問題呢? 讓我們花些時間來檢驗. 一個完全開悟,一個知道自己就坐在金色座椅上,知道自己以高頻率振動的人會做三件事, 這些事我們在以前許多次通靈演講就已經溝通過. 新世紀的人類擁有完全不同的典範.


(1) 新世紀人類做的第一件事是去分析為什麼問題會存在,包括隱含的各種意義. 這是值得大大榮耀的, 因為這是開啟另一扇門的鑰匙. 他們會注視著問題說, " 為什麼它會來到我頭上? 它有什麼意義? " 他們在聖靈前默禱,而不對聖靈敘述任何細節, 他們會問 "我需要在這件事知道些什麼? " 他們不會要求得到解答, 他們要求在整件事上獲得平安 . 這是很有智慧的,很明智的. 首先來到的是和諧與平安,接著...啟示與完整的答案才會出現. 把平安覆蓋於憂慮之上對於共同創造是絕對必須的! 在座有許多人符合這樣類型的人類,我現在就是在描述你們如何處理問題的方式.


(2) 在新時代,開悟者會做的第二件事對問題負起責任 ,不管事情有多大多嚴重,也不管它是不是意外事件, 他們會說 " 在某種程度上,是我計劃了這件事, 我對它負責, 我擁有它,因此我可以解決它" 它不是 "某件已經發生的意外." 它也不是一個 "我真倒楣" 的經驗. 沒有所謂的受害者.


(3) 第三件他們會做的是一種行動項目: 他們會開始 共同創造解答的過程. 我們曾多次講過這個項目, 我們多次通靈演講的主題也圍繞著共同創造發展, 但有更多的事情你們該知道, 今天我們要告訴你們一個從未揭露的概念. 一個可以改變你,一個新世紀人類,思考方式的概念; 一個會讓你喊出 "啊哈" 的概念; 讓你可以宣告,視覺化,實在且真實的概念! 並且具有屬靈的意義.


在我談論這個主題之前, 我要先談談次元間(interdimensional)的事物,這是很困難的, 因為人類是單一次元的生物, 而聖靈處理的是多重次元. 有些概念是位於地球上的你們無法理解的, 由於你們二元性的緣故. 現在讓我給你一個例子... 一個以前從未提起個例子. 對於你們來說,在十年內,它可能沒有任何意義,除非等到你們的科學能夠證實它的真實性那一天. 以下是件科學的事實: 你們觀察到來自數十億光年外的珈瑪射線(Gamma ray)活動其實就在你們家隔壁!


如果你可以建造一條如絲帶般的二次元高速公路, 並在上頭旅行數十億光年直到你抵達珈瑪射線的源頭, 這時你把這高速公路反轉到另一邊,你會看到你們自己的太陽系! 彷彿你從來沒有離開家過似的. 這麼會如此神秘呢? 這的確是事情運作的方式, 一種異次元間的概念. 它是你不能理解的東西. 你知道你們驚人的"擴張性"宇宙是一個封閉系統 ? 你能想像它居然沒有開始嗎 ? 想像這景象. 人類的大腦很難去理解這樣的事, 然而宇宙的確沒有開端. 上帝的聖靈,包括你們每一位都是"一直存在著" 如同宇宙的固定裝置 ,一直就在那兒, 也將一直存在著, 你們每一位都是其中的一部份.


我們說到現在, 在你們線性時間中,它對於你們是無法理解的觀念. 我們說真實時間位於一個圓圈之中, 時間的實相存在於現在 (它同時也創造了一個封閉的宇宙). 為你們創造的時間是線性的. 你們能了解沒有一個人存在於現在時間架構嗎? 當你們坐在這裡, 既不是未來也不是過去, 隨著你的線性時鐘向前運轉,它既不是線性過去也不是線性未來. 你從未被允許停留在我們所處的地方,現在. 現在 是一個異次元間的概念, 是克里昂及上帝還有所有的指導靈和天使所習慣的時間架構, 在這裡所有過去,現在,"有可能發生的事"都存在, 同時存在. 現在這事實對你們而言是很重要的,我正在告訴你屬於你的潛能存在於現在,存在於上帝內在次元的實相中. 當你們總是看著過去與未來,你們要看到現在時間倉庫是很困難的. 你的火車不停地在鐵軌上奔馳,當你轉頭看出窗外,你只能看到曾到過的,與即將前往的地方. 而我們,則可以看到你的火車繞著圓形軌道跑. 的確有很大的不同,很難清楚地告訴你們.


我的夥伴, 讓你們十分清楚這一段的訊息是非常重要的, 因為此段的邏輯必須正確地降落在聆聽者的腦海中. 聖靈的時間實相中一切事物都一起存在. 每一件你有可能做的事都已經發生了, 這跟宿命論沒有任何關係. 我們以前說過,你掌控你自己的火車. 但我們要告訴你解決你問題的潛能的確存在於此刻.


現在我要給你一個例子: 你們當中有些人曾說地球就好比是個學校, 我們也跟你說過課程與經驗, 那是你為什麼在這裡的原因, 因此在你膝上的問題好比是考試,不是嗎 ? 現在我要你重回校園一分鐘, 回到你還在求學的時光, 還在學習人們覺得應該學習的事物. 讓我們假裝此刻試卷就在你的桌上, 你坐在那兒準備盡全力寫出所有答案. 你還記得那一段時光嗎?


聽著: 當你在學校寫試卷時, 在某個抽屜;某個檔案櫃; 某個老師的桌上, 一定放著所有解答. 你同意嗎? 因為你不可能在學校寫著一份沒有解答的試卷. 它們早就被準備好以幫助你的學習. 所以我告訴你,在你早年的求學生涯, 你的每個測試的解答早就準備好等著你去看, 即使當你正在接受測驗的時候, 解答雖然被藏起來,但依然存在, 不是嗎?


現在讓我回到主題, 談論你膝上的問題, 讓我們談談你擁有的異次元夥伴. 讓我們談談聖靈的抽屜與檔案櫃, 因為我要給你一個受膏的概念 "金色碟子" 我以完全的愛將它呈現給你們; 如同我曾經把"金色座椅"的概念呈現給你們. 親愛的人們, 在金色碟子上, 有著在座每一個人問題的解答! 早就被完成了. 當你知道你不顧一切想要解決的問題,幾乎要感到絕望的難題,居然早就被完成了,你會有怎樣的感受? 它就在某個你可以進入的倉庫. 看看你膝上醜陋的傢伙,那個可怕的怪物, 已經被解決了! 答案就坐在金色碟子上, 被握在金色天使的手上. 一種不言而喻的邀請..


這邀請函寫著 , "你會做什麼對付這樣的情況? " 如果答案早就存在, 它一定會告訴你事情運作的方式, 不是嗎? 沒有什麼事情是太難的? 沒有一個解答是超出你能力所及的. 因為它就是為了讓你拿取而存在, 讓我給你關於這新概念的詳細說明. 我們要告訴你與其透過努力掙扎的方式共同創造,你可以伸出手直接拿取它. 它早就被準備在那兒了. 你知道為什麼它早就在那兒嗎,親愛的 ? 你知道那雙準備它的細心巧手嗎? 接下來的解釋有些人會覺得很合理,有些人則不會認同. 因為萬事萬物都存在著平衡. 曾經有個人來到克里昂能量中找到''的感覺, 他問道 " 當業力被清除,失去作用之後,它跑到哪去了? " 這是個偉大的問題, 顯現了對能量平衡的洞見. 我來告訴你們它跑到哪去了; 它直接跑到地球裡面了... 然後導致地球的移動,令人驚奇! 這就是我們說的魔法. 舊能量意識跑到哪兒? 它進入地球裡面, 然後被轉化成改變的能量, 地球的移位與改變與此有直接的關聯. 有智慧的人可以領悟到能量一直都在那兒. 當你在新世紀中改變自我的人類形象, 你靈性的行動同時也會造成地球的改變. 這就是平衡.

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